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Application for counting characters, words or lines from specific documents
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TexTally is an application developed by NCH Software for the typists who need to count characters, words or lines from a specific document. Thus, you can calculate all of the afore mentioned from Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, emails or other formats which support text selection.

Besides the basic feature of counting, the application is also able to calculate the cost of specific jobs based on the formula you can set up with this program. All such information can be saved in separate CSV files which can be used further on for invoicing. Thus, the software becomes extremely useful, for example, for translation companies that charge the number of characters and for such projects which are charged by the number of words/lines.

TexTally may also be provided with specific tools for audio files, such as dictation recording, sending voice email, running conference calls which can be purchased directly from the developer.

TexTally proves to be a user-friendly, safe-to-use and very useful application which you should take into consideration if in your activity you're required to count lines/words/characters and are supposed to issue invoices for such projects.

Jessie Hodgson
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